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    Welcome to the blog of Orange Turtle Photography!

    I am Cindy and I am the main photographer behind Orange Turtle Photography. I travel throughout California for weddings and portrait sessions.

    A turtle is just a turtle until you give it color.  Once you give it color, all of a sudden the turtle has personality, emotion and life.  The turtle is now sun loving, ocean swimming, happy fun and chill.  Color helps you feel. So we have a choice to leave the turtle just a turtle... or to give the turtle color.  If you want to get in contact with me, email me at Thank you for stopping by!

Happy 2nd birthday Gus Gus!

Our son Gus Gus (August) was born on Dec 27th.  We were in Southern California that day we didn’t get to do the whole blow-out-the-candles-with-the-cake thing until we got home a few days later.  I am kind of a minimalist mom so we just kept everything low key and impromptu.  That afternoon I found a package of cake mix and we happened to have eggs in the fridge – a perfect opportunity to whip up some cupcakes and celebrate! I love that this time my girl got a hand in prepping for her brother’s celebration! 

Gus Gus turned 2 this year. But I only found 1 candle in the miscellaneous drawer at first. But luckily I found additional one later!

“Happy Birthday to Gus Gus, happy birthday to you!!”

Say cheese!!!

A rare photo with all 4 of us!

Last but not least, a comparison photo of Gus Gus at 1 vs. Gus Gus at 2! This year is gonna be the last year of him being cute. Like baby cute. It’s kinda sad and bittersweet!  It’s been fun watching him growing into his own and his personality.  We love you Gus Gus!

San Marcos Williams Barn Wedding

We kicked off our 2018 wedding season with Michelle and Michael’s wedding! It was such a blessing to photograph their wedding.  I’m so happy for them both! 

For first look, they did something special – before the groom turned around, they exchanged personal hand-written letters for each other. It was the sweetest intimate moment of the day!

I love this series of Michael’s expressions upon seeing Michelle!

I absolutely adore this cake display!



After the ceremony was over, we drove up to the nearby mountain for a few more bridal formal shots. The light was almost gone and it was really chilly (at least for San Diego). I was a little concerned but it turned out I got nothing to worry about. The low clouds rolled in for the evening and the scenery was just epic.

I love this one of them laughing so hard.

Congrats again to Michelle and Michael!



Venue: Williams Barn, San Marcos CA

Coordinator: Carnie. Hip Hip Hooray Dot Love

Florist: Ashley Hur from Hip Hip Hooray Dot Love

Tacos and Gorditas:

Make up by Megumi Joy Make-up






San Diego Engagement Session | Elfin Forest

I couldn’t be more happier that my first photography session this year was with Joy and Jesse! I’ve known them for awhile (they babysat my daughter Cassidy when she was little) and it is so cool to see how they’ve grown into the amazing human beings that they are. :)  The shooting location was absolutely magical.  The light, the golden leaves and their smiles made this shoot a dream. I’m so happy about how lovely the photos turned out!

Christmas Tree farm….and Happy New Year!!

Hi everyone! I can’t believe it’s 2018 already! Happy New Year! I really hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season. We had a great time getting together with our family and friends in Southern California and we are extremely grateful for the down time we had to connect with people we love.

Before we took off to So Cal, we visited a charming Christmas Tree Farm in Castro Valley. It was a gloomy day and by the time we got there the sunlight was mostly gone. And of course my daughter Cassidy was so tired so she would rather nap in the van than checking out the farm. But my boy Gus Gus (August) was excited to explore the farm.

I really like this silly, funny looking expression he had.

He is at the cute age where he would totally stand still and ‘cheese’ for the camera. I know it won’t last long but rest assure that I will milk it as long as I can.

First attempt of a family photo.  Kids = unhappy. 

I totally get it. Cassidy was still sleepy. Gus would rather keep exploring the tree farm than being held by his mama.

After a while, the sun was practically gone and it was super chilly. We were leaving the tree farm and my friend Jamie encouraged me to give ourselves another attempt of taking family photos since Cassidy was more awake.  I am so glad she pushed us to do it…

Because we got these following shots!

Yay! A picture perfect one!

But this one is really my favorite – with the kids smiling so big and with gus gus’ blankie tucked onto Daniel’s hip! Haha! (Thanks Jamie for taking the photos for us!)

I’m looking forward to making more memories with my family. I’m both looking forward to and NOT looking forward to my kids growing up.  I wish they could stay cute and small like this forever. But I really don’t. I want them to grow and thrive in life. Parenthood drives me crazy.

Happy 2018! Here’s to another year of growth and wonders.

January 18, 2018 - 7:23 pm

Jamie Love all of these shots and glad I got to be a part of this shoot ;)

Los Angeles Arts District Wedding

Heather and Edward’s wedding was absolutely amazing! They got married at one of the most colorful places – Los Angeles Arts District.  Their wedding is such an awesome reflection of who they are – cheerful, joyful, and worshipful.  I love the colors from the venue and all the arts in the surrounding area. I love that they had so much fun at their own wedding. I love that everyone teared up worshipping Jesus together.  It was a beautiful day of celebration of Heather and Edward coming together in marriage!

A live swing band at the reception? Yes please!

Congrats again to Heather and Edward!

<<< Vendors Shout out >>>

Hair Stylist: Noelle Juarez

Florist: Miss Sue Holiday

Bakery: Sweet E’s Bake Shop

Event Coordination: Everdipity Events

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