Cassidy & June!

My baby girl turned turned 7 month old last week! It’s crazy how fast she’s been growing. She is hitting mile stones after mile stones, mastering a new skill everyday.  It’s been such a joy getting to know this little adorable human!

As with any photo shoot, you have to take plenty of shots in order to get the ONE perfect shot that you want. While I was shooting Cassidy, June (the bunny) also wanted to be part of the action and kept getting between the camera and Cassidy!

note below: Cassidy is smelling a stuffed orange turtle! haha

The white blur on the left of the photo? That’s June.

Part of Cassidy’s development is that she’s not only aware of June’s presence, she is totally into her!  Every time June gets close to Cassidy she would squeal with excitement and attempt to pet her. And in her true baby fashion, she would also try to grab June which then of course scare her away. So now June is totally cautious around Cassidy.

Their interaction usually goes like this:

June: See ya! 

June ran away, but Cassidy still keep on looking at June as though she’s in love. haha

I’m really glad though that June is still curious enough to check out Cassidy and feel ‘safe enough’ to hang out on the rug. June totally knows how to just sit far enough so Cassidy can’t reach her. I wonder how things will change after Cassidy become mobile. I’ll keep you guys updated!

June 25, 2014 - 11:47 pm

Christina Dooley You had a beautiful daughter. Cute photo shoot!

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