Patricia & Kevin // San Diego Water-front Wedding

First of all, HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to Patricia and Kevin!

This is one very special wedding that I shot last year that I didn’t get a chance to blog.  It is special because the couple, Patricia and Kevin, are just about the sweetest people you’ll ever meet.  It was also special because it was the last wedding I shot before giving birth to my second baby. I shot this wedding at 35 weeks and Gus Gus (August – but we call him Gus Gus) was born at 37 weeks.  Gus Gus was riding low throughout the pregnancy so I already had trouble walking around 35 weeks. But having shot weddings up until 39 weeks before, I was fairly confident that everything will go smoothly.  That is, until when I was about to shot the ‘first look’.  I had a misstep down the stairs, fell and sprang my ankle bad.

Right after I fell, I was afraid that I would go into labor. But luckily there was no contractions and everything felt normal except for the pain on my ankle.  The bride’s parents rushed to me to see if I was ok. I felt so bad for creating such a huge commotion on the bride’s wedding day.

I told them to proceed with the first look without me since Daniel (my husband, second shooter) was ready outside with the groom. So he shot the first look on his own and got some wonderful images. I called a trusted friend and he drove down to the wedding site (city hall) with ice, ankle wrap and crutches for me. My entire right ankle was completely swollen and bruised up. It was very colorful with shades of black and purple all around.

I’m super grateful that Patricia and Kevin were so understanding throughout the situation!  I powered through the rest of the wedding and thankfully everything else ran smoothly. They had a lovely wedding ceremony and a wonderful celebration at the reception.

And here are some of my favorite images from their wedding day! :)

here’s a pic of my wrapped ankle –

So there you have it! Thanks for making it this far in the blog!





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