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Hops is getting really old now. We adopted him when he was about 4-5 years old. Now he’s about 10-11 years old. Bunnies’ appearance remain relatively the same throughout their adulthood and they don’t age as obviously as us humans do. But even so it’s painfully obvious to us that Hops is getting really old. […]

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Personal Monday :: bunnies

It’s been two months since Bun Buns left us. Hops has been very lonely and I finally decided to bond June and Hops together. They are super content with each other. Well, June is super content – that’s for sure. :)

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Personal Monday {halloween edition} :: Bunzilla

Watch out for June the bunzilla, terrorizing the city with her cuteness. Here’s a behind-the-scene-ish pic that daniel took as I took the costume off of her! :) She went hiding in her strawberry house as soon as I put her down on the floor! lol! Which photo of June the bunzilla do you like […]

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Personal Monday

  I miss her so much.

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The month of June

Our rabbit June is the ‘baby’ of the house.  I still remember the first day when we brought her home from House Rabbit Society. She was a tiny little bunny that fits in the palm of my hand.   She was born in the month of June (although that’s not really how or why we […]

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