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Film is not Dead * Part 3 finale.

see {preview}, {part 1} and {part 2} . So here it is, my last and final post of Film is Not Dead Workshop. All images are shot with manual focusing on my Canon A-1 with a 50mm f/1.8 lens. The B&W shots are from day one of the workshop.  I didn’t bring enough color film […]

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Film is Not Dead Workshop * Part 2

{See Part 1 here.} A week had passed since I lasted posted the first roll of film shots that I taken at Film Is Not Dead Workshop.   Last Friday, I got some prints+scans back from Richard photo Lab and I looooove the result!   I feel really encouraged that these images turned out so nicely despite […]

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* Film Is Not Dead Workshop * Part 1

Last week I posted some previews of the workshop – shots that I took from my 5D MarkII.  Today I’m going to show you some photos taken on film! I got these images back earlier than the rest of them because I got it developed at Walgreens.  You heard it right – WALGREENS!  Did you […]

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Personal Monday * Monterey on Film

When we went to Monterey two weekends ago, I decided to bring my film camera (Canon A-1) and shoot around.   Shooting film is fun! And the best thing is that after the pictures are developed, I don’t have to sit in front of the camera and process them since the colors of the photos […]

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Life on Film. :)

Recently I bought an old school Canon film SLR (Canon A-1) off of craigslist and started experimenting with it.  I learned photography in the digital age so I figure it’s a fun way for me to hone in my skills!! Here are some images from the very first roll of film that I ever shot […]

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